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Get to do some shooting with the local PDs in the process of selling them guns and ammo and stuff, and occasionally for fun. There are a couple of departments around me who just went from qualifications twice a year to once a year. The state (FL Dept. of Law Enforcement FDLE) requires only once every 2 years for state compliance and several departments are considering changing to this to save money. The FDLE course is a revolver-friendly course from mostly at 3 to 7 yards with one mandatory reload and 6 shots from 15 yards as the longest shots. "Hits are anything in the body (not just the "Coke Bottle" the whole body) of a blue B21 FL target 70% passing. 40 rounds total.

People fail this. Active working patrol cops fail this. No big deal, unlimited re-shoots, but they fail it. You could fire just 40 rounds every 2 years and be good to go as far as FDLE is concerned.
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