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Remember David I'm simply trying to select in advance a weapon/caliber combination that provides me the attributes that best serve my expected purpose.
As happens so often, if you would spend just a little time and money getting some training from professionals in the field you'd realize how silly so much of what you worry about really is. You keep trying to find a hardware solution to what is a software problem.
Take your 10/22 or AR in 223 and try to reach the BG's shooting from behind a vehicle or a block fence or even a dumpster
With the 10/22 I would select different tactics/responses. The AR is quite capable of reaching the BG behind the vehicle or fence. Your .308 might or might not reach behind the dumpster. The caliber doesn't determine your success.
Yeah I know you are so good that you'll hit them in the head when they pop out to fire right.
Sigh. Please let me make my own claims regarding my abilities. For you to continually make things up gets old.
if I had a rifle chambered in a caliber that could penetrate alot of cover I could increase the size of my target and thus my chances for survival.
Sounds to me like you are planning on wasting a lot of ammo.
When you have done just about everything you can to ensure your survival....even the small advantages could be huge.
Sigh. Playing "what if" on the internet, trying to get some support for your questionable decision-making, gives no advantage small or large. You want something that will increase your chances a whole lot--get some tactical training behind you. Then you'll understand why these "small advantages' aren't advantages at all.
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