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it was a scary night...

property beside ours on the night of the king riots.

people were literally screaming out our names, calling threats across the fence.

the sherriffs department refused to come down there.

i roughly figured there were over a hundred of them, i saw guns in the crappy binocs i had, and later some folks shot guns into the air right at the property line.

i postitioned myself about two hundred feet from the property line, prone with a drop off behind me, with a 308 galil on a bipod. i only had three 25 round mags for it.

i had a clayco ak underfolder with five mags.

i had no pistol with me. at the house i had two repro 1858 remington 44 blackpowder pistols loaded as absolute last ditch.

my brother was about 75 feet behind me and to my right with my other AK.

my eleven year old nephew had a 1022 with a 25 rounder back at the house.

my mom had only an old webley pistol.

inside the house was an old model 12 with a broken extractor and a worn out ejector, but it had a round of number ones in the barrell. there were three 25's for the 1022 and some 10 rounders, there was an old springfield 22(that had been retired when it once went full auto shooting at a squirrel) loaded up. there was an old iver johnson 20 gauge with a load of buckshot in it. there was a garrett arms repro of an 1859 sharps cavalry carbine loaded with a 375 grain bullet in front of 60 grains of FF blackpowder.

the plan was for me to open up with the galil when they began crossing the fence, one mag then pull back halfway to the brother. my mom was to phone 911 when she heard the galil open up and tell em they better get something there cause is a gun battle going on now.

when i began the pull back he was to open up untill i began firing again in next position. leapfrog like that till...

third mag gone, drop the galil and we would go to single aimed(as good as we could aim in the dark) shots, holding our ground and moving up and down a shallow ditch, unless we were recieving lots of fire, in which case we would fall past an open area and i would go to block and the brother would get past me and circle to my left to try and establish enfilade on the attackers from a treeline there with big pines.

we had two pump shotguns and all the buckshot and slugs in the house in two bags positioned on the road after the wide spot. if we had to or one of us was hit the other was to get to the house and go through the crappy guns there and then...then...die i guess.

sounds crazy doesnt it?

it happened.

east texas.

i was very very very scared.

they never crossed the fence. gangs of em would come to the fence and yell and shoot guns into the air. i could not, simply could not shoot them untill they crossed the fence onto our property.

i lay there all night shivering with fear. my brother the same. i drank the canteen of water i had with me and the pint pilots flask, later my brother said he was parched also.

we decided, the whole family there, that we were gonna fight, that we were not gonna be victims of these people. we decided these people were NOT going to run us off our own property.

i was pretty sure the galil would have shut em down.

these were drunken, doped up folks we were dealing with, wanting to be all angry and act all bigshot.

i was flat out hoping that once i dusted some of em the rest would run.

thank god it didnt happen.

it was almost surreal to hold my M1A in my hands with intent to protect halfway between mount bellvue and dayton texas in stopped traffic the night of the horrid rita evacuation.

recently ive bought a little ar carbine. im beginning to trust it wont jam every shot.

it may become a go to gun.

right now im still on with the M1A or the hk91 clone or the short barrelled mossy 500.

bad time to post. late night, toothache keepin me awake,

now im literally shivering, remembering how freakin scared i was that night with all them people on the next property and the rita thing where it took 22 hours to go 110 miles.

its gonna be a long long night i think.

i aint a bit afraid to admit i was very afraid both of those times, but i knew i had family to protect and i knew i had to, i had to do whatever it would have taken to protect them.

no man threatens me on my own property...
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