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My take on this is as follows;

A: Someone smashes in my door and I'm home, I'm presuming his intentions are as violent as his entry. It's likely I'll have to call for the coroner and buy a new mop.

B: If someone enters my house quietly and I'm checking out a strange noise... well the house isn't very large and he'll be within 20 ft of me and probably less than 12 ft. At close quarters like that, I may have to call for the coroner and buy a new mop.

C: If I'm in the bedroom and hear the movements of an intruder in the other rooms, I'll secure the short (12-ft) hallway at gunpoint while dialing 911. He gets the chance to leave before the PD arrives. If he comes down the hallway, isn't dressed like a firefighter and is not a uniformed officer we get to see how effective 20-ga #3 buckshot can be. I'll almost certainly need to call for the coroner and buy a new mop.

In my townhome, there simply isn't enough room to safely contain someone at gunpoint (proned out and covered from a distance). If he hears me or I call out to him to leave and he fails to do it, then it's his decision to force and engagement, not mine.

What if the perp monitored ...
"What if's" don't matter. I don't care why he's there or what he's done before. If he's creeping thru my house in the wee hours, he's up to no good. If he can't follow simple instructions (Don't Move! Hands on your head! Kneel straight down!) why he is there is irrelevant.
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