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three times I have used the words..... "Leave or Die" so far they have all made the right choice.

The other time I have put the red dot on the lead guys chest and that has worked.

I am a firm believer that you DO NOT have to shoot if you pull the gun, and sometimes that pulling the gun at the make or break moment will stop you from being backed in to the position of having to pull the trigger.

I am a property manager part time. I collect rent and on occasion monitor the evictions of people, some people think its ok to sign a lease and then never pay rent. Others, seem to think that robbing me is not stealing because "insurance" will cover it. ( it won't) Since the last time of putting the red dot on the one guy, it seems I have earned a little slack, but what always lurks in my mind is that one day they will just shoot before I know they are there. I wear a vest on the days I collect, but I still am trying to sell the buildings so I can vacate my promise to my friend.
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