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Look it's simple,if a b/g breaks in to your house while you are there then it's not a simple robbery,he or they are there to do you harm.Most people that want to steal make sure you aren't home all others should and will pay the price.Toasters and tv's aren't worth shooting someone over but when they purposely break in to my house in the middle of the night, we have a big problem.I'm no commando or rambo,but make no mistake i will shoot anyone that comes between my children and me.It's not that i don't care about others problems but hey don't come stealing from me to support your family or habit,GET A JOB or worse go on welfare and spare me the woe is me speech.No one should have to live in fear or hide in a closet.

Sorry for getting of the thread,but here is my theory on the matter of being quiet,isn't the b/g trying to be as quiet as he can then return the favor and be as quiet as you can,then he can be carried out quietly,so you can go quietly back to sleep
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