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I have never been in any kind of confrontation. I am sure that the majority here hasn't. But, someone coming into your house is not going to be a ball game where you can call time out to evaluate the situation.

I personally do not think that there will be enough time to really be 100% sure of anything other than someone is in your house that shouldn't be. You cannot read a person's mind and if he/she has broken into your house they have already made it a confrontation.

If I was hungry, I would not steal. Not even for my family. Stealing is wrong and being hungry does not make it right. There are many churches and gov. programs out there to help those who are in need. They just have to ask in most cases.

A person breaking into a home is already desperate and probably doesn't care about the outcome. Sure, they may just be trying to get something to sell to feed their family. But, there is NO WAY to know that. Is your life or your family's lives worth taking a change that the person who is in your house is only after your TV?

Not mine. Take them out if you can and save someone else the turmoil and terror of having their home invaded. And, save the taxpayers from having to house and feed this person.
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