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I have never studied ballistic survivability.
Then maybe you should pay attention to those that have.
If no one is home you may have a bit of a point... If anyone is home it is by definition an invasion of my home.
An invasion of your home is not a home invasion. They are two different concepts. And an invasion of your home, at least as presented here, is most likely a simple burglary. Sorry, but that's just the way things are.
Did you read my presumption? I said "presumed to be heavily armed and extremely dangerous."
Of course I read it. That is why I said "If that is your assumption, why start a gunfight with them, endangering everyone in the house, when it is not necessary?"
So I should see that as not necessary?
I tend to view starting a gunfight as a last resort rather than a first option, especially if I am working from the assumption that my opponent(s) will be heavily armed and extremely dangerous. I want to give them the incentive to go bother somebody else instead of encouraging them to start swapping lead with me while my family is downrange.
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