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Actually most home burglaries are just that, simple home burglaries. The BGs aren't there to physically harm anyone.
If no one is home you may have a bit of a point... If anyone is home it is by definition an invasion of my home.

If that is your assumption, why start a gunfight with them, endangering everyone in the house, when it is not necessary?
Did you read my presumption? I said "presumed to be heavily armed and extremely dangerous."

So I should see that as not necessary? If I could presume the person was unarmed and harmless than it would not be necessary to engage.

Another poster stated that some thieves are only trying to feed a starving family... First I say that is BS!!! If he has the ability to go through the thinking involved to pull off a heist he is smart enough to work. If he is physically able to tote my things off he can bag my groceries at the piggly wiggly! I would not shoot just to save my belongings but I assure you that the items I own are MINE! I have not the available funds nor even credit cards to replace them.
But that is beside the point... The point is these four walls constitute my castle, as paltry as they may be, Everyone within is a cherished life I have chosen to love and live with. It is a heavy responsibility but one I gleefully accept.
I think I have run myself all out of additional things to say on this subject.
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