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SA COLT troubles

I have a 45 Colt SA clone that is giving me some problems. I'll shoot 3 or 4 rounds and then the revolver jams. I checked to see if the primers are getting blown backwards and they are not. I have polished the recoil shield in case that was a problem but I am still getting the jams. It's not that I can't cock it,that seems to be okay, I'm sure it is the cylinder itself. I bought this gun used and redid some of the parts, such as trigger, bolt, etc. I also put in a new base pin bushing because there seemed to be a lot of excess play back and forth on the cylinder and I thought such excess play may be unsafe. I have previously rebuilt S & W double actions without any problem. Maybe I got things too tight but I don't want to start filing away the front of the base pin bushing if something else is causing a problem.
Well that's not a lot go on, especially when you can't see or handle the gun but if anyone has any ideas on what's causing the problem I'd appreciate it.
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