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May I recommend something in 7.62x25? Like a CZ 52? TT33? (That came out sounding like a waiter said it.) Anyway....

It's a great caliber. I think CZ 52s will soon be costly, just watch. And, if you swap out that awful firing pin, you'll have a great shooter. The TT33 types, IMO, need nothing and when the supply dries up, they're going to cost, too. Three years from now, the above guns will cost more than twice what they cost now and people will be grumbling about it, like they presently do with Makarovs. If I could afford it, I'd buy pallets of CZ 52s and TT33 types now and sell them in 7 years.
A Makarov? Simple, easy and works perfectly every time. ¡Vale!
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