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My Sig was bought as a sub-caliber device for practicing muscle memory exercises and low-cost shooting. It serves both purposes extremely well. Inaccurate? I hold fist size groups at 15 yards doing my drills. Is my Ruger Mk II 22/45 more accurate? Yes, for two major reasons: I shoot it slowly and deliberately; AND I've equipped it with a red dot. And, the fact is I've had more stovepipes with the Ruger using cheap bulk stuff than I have with the Skeeter. My Mosquito is the Sport model and doesn't have the threaded barrel so the "fake" suppressor isn't an option for it. And as I am one of those anal retentives who cleans his weapon after every use, the Skeeter is a lot easier to maintain than the 22/45. When I was doing my due diligence and reading the various posts pro and con about the pistol, I only paid attention to those who actually have or had one and speak from experience. The woods are full of people who "know someone who was told by a distant friend of a third cousin whose father married a woman two counties over whose brother met a guy at a range who heard..." As an experienced owner/user, I'll let the facts speak for themself: current production Mosquitos are fine pistols and fun to shoot.

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