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i went to the range this morning because i finally got my laser grips all mounted up and just needed to sight them in.

the weather was over cast slowly becoming sunny.

with light cloud cover i could just barely see the laser dot at 30 yds, thats right i said 30 YARDS! wow! in indirect sun light i could no longer see it on the target but i could just barely see it on the backboard (had to squint my eyes pretty hard)

i could see it clearly at 10 yds in direct sunlight and could see it pretty good at 20 yds in direct sun light.

the only problem with longer distance aiming (daytime) is sometimes you have to use the gun sights to figure out where the laser dot could be.

and wow does that dot bounce around a lot, even with sandbags i had to work pretty hard to keep it steady. i'm glad no one was there to see it.
it will definitely help me improve my shooting abilities.

(and it would probably help a little if i would get some glasses)

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