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In my experience all semi auto .22's are fussy on ammo. The bulk pack stuff, like Remington, gives all my semi-auto 22's a problem. CCI mini-mag is a much higher quality ammo and it runs thru all of my 22's without a problem - including my conversion kits for 1911's - and its accurate.

I just bought a conversion kit for my Sig 226 last week - its a good kit, accurate, and runs mini-mag real well but it won't run the bulk ammo either.

Honestly, I use the bulk ammo in my .22 revolvers / or rifles - and let the grandkids go thru a ton of it when they're around.

If you want to consider reloading, you can almost reload 9mm today, with high quality components, cheaper than .22 mini-mag at about $ 5 for 50 and I show my 9mm reloads at about $ 5.50 a box right now. Instead of practicing with my .22's I practice with my 1911's chambered in 9mm.
I have a Sig mosquito that is about a year old and its been fine, an old S&W model 41, an old High Standard sport king - conversion kits from Wilson Combat, Kimber and now Sig. They're all fun guns to shoot / but the 1911's I have chambered in 9mm are still better practice.
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