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Boy, now I would love to own that. There are plenty of those secondary brand little pistols from the late 19th and early 20th century around, but most I see of the nickel plated ones are really quite ate up. They did not sell for very much new and you know cheap guns, even if nice quality people did not respect them very much and they got abused. The gun might have an iron frame, not steel, and may not be of a steel meant for smokeless powders. So often you will be warned against shooting modern ammo in them. Well Aquila makes a target grade short that is not so hot, like CCI's hot shorts, and that might be OK to try in it. Also they make the Colibri I think, shorts that are only powered by the primer, no powder charge. If it were me and I was gonna shoot it alot for fun, I would get a box of those primer powered rounds for plinking. Would not consider it for any kind of serious purpose anyway, not even hunting rats. Not with modern ammo. A little nicer than a basic model with the simple engraving and the fancy grips. Not seen too often by me. Adds a premium I think. They say those are not very collectable but minty specimens are a different matter than the rusted gunshow examples.
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