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David, It is super smart to realize that once your perp has left he knows you own guns... They are a high ticket black market item... I know a "clean" (not reported stolen) mossberg 500 can bring $500 and a hi-cap handgun can bring a grand if also not reported stolen. Now the perp tries to burglarize when you ain't home but your child may be.
I see every burglar as a potential murderer and will treat any inside my home as such...
If any one thinks they can waltz in my home and rob me is either so stupid he can't know right from wrong or so brazen he knows but chooses wrong! In either case I cannot fathom handing out free passes...
I sometimes worry if someone breaks in when I am away from my home. I have a big safe so they know something is valuable in there. But they also will see my best shot targets on the side of it. That gives them something to think about. "Do they feel lucky" When I come home and they are still there. Kind of like a beware of dog
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