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I bought my Skeeter new in April after doing a lot of due diligence reading of others' experiences with the pistol. As we all know, it has it's fans and detrators. I wanted the Mosquito because it is similar in many respects to my P229 CCW and I thought it would be a good device for practicing various muscle memory exercises as well as being an affordable shooter. I am satisfied in all regards with the what and why of buying it. Mine's a Sport model; I've used the heavy spring from day one. It now has well north of a thousand rounds through it. Predominantly I shoot CCI Mini-Mags and have not had a single failure to feed, fire or extract with them. I've also shot Federal and Winchester bulk, with fewer than a half dozen stovepipes using the cheap stuff. I also have a Ruger MkII 22/45 that I love to shoot as well. The Skeeter isn't quite as accurate but is a whole lot easier to field strip and reassemble. I'm completely satisfied with my Mosquito and have no reluctance to recommend them for anyone wanting a "fun" shooter or a sub-caliber training device.
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