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I own a recent Mosquito, they are much better than the first production run. They can be a bit tempermental on what ammo they fire. I broke mine in with CCI mini mags and had just a few FTE's, once I had 500 rounds through it it seemed to have broken in properly and the only ammo it does not do well with is the bulk winchester lead hollow points, FTE's are more common. The Mosquito is enjoyable to shoot and only took minor sight adjustments. Just understand that this is not a target pistol, it is accurate for what it is, the Mark II is more accurate but IMO not nearly as much of a fun factor. I do like the trigger and the concept of 100 rounds for $6.50, since it was similar to my Sig P250 that played a factor in my purchase, I liked the concept of similar sights and feel, although I am more accurate with the 9mm I enjoy the Skeeter very much..........
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