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I bought my Mosquito a few months ago; mine's fine. I did my due diligence and found a fair number of shooters actually owned a Mosquito. I listened to them and not the ones that heard about a guy that heard about a guy... (Some of them remind me of Yogi Berra talking about a restaurant: Nobody goes there; it's too crowded.) A lot of Mosquito owners had both good and bad things to share. It's not a P220; it's a plinker. I shoot CCI Mini-mags and Remington Golden Bullet Bulk Pack stuff with no problems, got about 800 rounds through it. It's a fine plinker that shoots rimfire ammo and is very accurate. It comes with 3 different front sights for different distances. It has a decocker just like the other DA/SA Sigs. The DA/SA trigger allows me to strike the occasional FTF (not uncommon with rimfire ammo). It hasn't jammed and hasn't stovepiped. (That's the first mention of stovepiping I've seen amongst all the naysayers so far.) As for cost savings, a 22lr is definitely cheaper. So's my Crossman. I shoot a Sig P220 Compact and Taurus PT-145. The way I keep my cost down: I reload. It's cheaper than shooting a 9mm.
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