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Not wanting to start the great AR vs. shotgun debate.
If you do, I'll start the 9mm vs .45 debate again<G>! But I think we've cleared up a point. If the chamber is already empty on the shotgun, you do not lose a round by racking the slide (or chambering a round from the magazine with the AR, etc.).
BTW, in Karl Rehn's AT class, we practiced hunkering down and the strong verbal challenge.
No disagreement. Anything to defuse the situation is good, IMO, whether that be verbal challenge, rack the shotgun, unmuzzle Fifi the Barking Beast, or whatever.
Interestingly, some folks who decided to 'clear' - got ambushed and knocked on their butt.
IME, almost every time a single operator goes on a clearing run they lose if the BG wants to take them out.
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