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My go to 'home/zombie gun' is my AR, David. With a 20 round mag of Hornaday Tap. The shotgun is in the closet unloaded. The AR isn't chambered as the first gun for quick defense is a Glock. If the situation warrants, I retrieve the AR and chamber it.

If I have to chamber the AR, I will yell - Yoohoo - at the miscreant.

Not wanting to start the great AR vs. shotgun debate. I would be perfectly happy to have the shotgun as the home long gun but prefer the AR.

BTW, in Karl Rehn's AT class, we practiced hunkering down and the strong verbal challenge. Didn't really say Yoohoo.

We did a version of what Shawn as posted - I have a gun, police called - get out of house. Over and over with the last phrase with the phone off the hook.

That assumes we had time for all that, having heard a BG in the house.

Interestingly, some folks who decided to 'clear' - got ambushed and knocked on their butt.
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