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So, then why does one need shots for the shotgun? Better yet, why can't
I just go to a gun store with a tape recorder and record the sound of a
pump action shotgun being racked and when there's a perp in my house
I can play back that fearsome sound from ten different speakers
all over the house. The perp will #1, #2 and run for the nearest exit thinking
that there are ten different shotguns in the house.
Man, this thread just goes on and on and on; the "arguments" against are kinda silly.
No one is advocating using this (a sound) as your sole means of defending yourself. I think people aren't really thinking rationally here. -I can already hear people typing : Crackheads, people hopped up on drugs blah blah blah; I'll come back to that.

The sound or a racking shotgun tells an aggressor that you're so far behind the curve that you only just then decided that the gun should actually be loaded.
For real? Do you think theres people out there who would say "Hey, they just now loaded their shotgun; I'm going into attack mode because they obviously aren't serious." ? Even if they do think that, now you do have a loaded shotgun; if you need to pull the trigger it is ready.

Why do people think that crack-heads think logically? And why do people think
everybody knows the sound of a shotgun being racked or how effective a shotgun
weapon can be at close range?
C'mon; That is probably one of the most recognizable sounds I can think of. Who doesn't know what a shotgun can do? Even if it isn't recognized as a shotgun, they'll know it's a gun of some sort. This argument is almost as good as saying "Oh yeah, well what if the guy is deaf ?"
As far as crackheads and the like, the odds of coming up against someone who is so out of their mind on something they don't recognize the threat to their wellbeing, don't care, or think they're invincible you have to admit is reeeeal slim. I would bet the vast majority of people who break into houses don't get that high beforehand. Most breaking and entering is probably done by someone who is high, but not completely out of their mind. If you are that out of it, why would you break into a house? You are in no condition to steal stuff effectively. That aside, I've spent enough time around drugs and drug users to know even when you're really <messed - edited> up, you still don't want to get shot.

So what if the guy smoked a bunch of meth, pcp and that weed dipped in embalming fluid (which I believe is a misnomer, it's really just pcp) and is in a murderous rage and also has a machine gun and is just waiting for the first sign of movement so he can blast away?
Yeah, I guess you would have just given away your position and would now be gunned down before you could do anything, all because you tried to "intimidate him into submission" just by racking your shotgun. OK

Unless they are there specifically to kill you, an intruder is probably going to run for the nearest exit after realizing they are about to get shot at with anything, much less with a shotgun.
Even if they're there just to hurt someone, I'm betting they're out the door as fast as possible after that sound.

This "tactic" really just boils down to if one would rather at least have the possibility of having the intruder leave without a real confrontation (thus not having to deal with the legal ramifications of having killed someone, not to mention having having to clean someones blood and other stuff that was inside them off their carpet, walls and furniture), or if they would rather just shoot and then deal with the results.
I don't think anyone would really try to use this as their ultimate means of self defense - but it may save you from having to kill someone in your house.

While it may (I think probably would) get you out of a situation without having to shoot (and it might not, so don't use a tape recorder)
It is almost certainly not going to cause bullets to start flying your way due to giving away your position.

A perp that will grovel at the mere
sound of a shotgun being racked probably can be chased off by a poodle.
How can you even respond to this without putting the little rolling-eyes smiley guy?

EDIT: on second thought I'm not sure how you meant this. You are probably actually right, but I get the feeling it's for a different reason. I bet most burglars would run as soon as any dog, be it a doberman or a chihuahua, alerted the homeowner to their presence.
On the other hand, if you meant that anyone who would "grovel at the mere sound of a shotgun being racked" is a big <coward - edited>, then I stand by my eye roll.

As far as Wildebees situation - man I feel for ya; You live in a completely different world than those of us in the US. I hope the stuff which you speak of never happens to you. South Africa is one of the places on my "You couldn't pay me enough to move there" list.

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