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I love the Glocks; I have a 35 and my son uses a 34 9mm. and loves it. We also have two Para P1640 Limited SS pistols with ambi safeties and adj target sights. Wow. I shot all A's last night with the Para but lost all my points due to extreme difficulty with mag changes. My problem is technique and my technique is based on using my left thumb strong hand to release the mag while I am pulling the fresh mag with my weak hand and whacking it into place. On the Glocks this is a BIG BIG problem for me. On the Para's not so big a problem but still a problem. I just don't have the strength in that thumb due to arthritis. It is weak. My son has NO trouble at all. I need to either make the MAG release ambidextrous, switch it to my trigger finger side of the gun or reduce the pressure needed. Someone suggested bending the Glock mag retention spring to reduce the pressure needed while adding an extension (if I don't already have one on the G35). Ditto the Para P1640. It has to be OEM parts though to remain in my category. I have a Springfield XD and I have NO trouble releasing the magazines from it. I think my Sig is the same. I am tempted. Terribly tempted to head over to the local gun shop and try the latest XD-M's and also the latest Sig X5 (?) That sig is a competition gun and is big bucks but heck... it's only money and I will sell off the others to cover much of the cost. I just need to find the right guns to play IPSC with. Frustrated.
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