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If I respond to such a request I probably don't tell everything I know. If the poster is asking about Mausers I may show mine, I may not. But one thing is sure, after 3 branches of military service, 3 Police departments, one Prison guard job and 70 years of living, I have learned to keep my own counsel about what I've done or what I own. My standards of marksmanship are my own and I don't care what you think. I have nothing left to prove.

On the other hand this forum is about guns, and it would be stupid if we didn't talk about our interests. So I may or may not post pics. I have shown my collection to several people and may do so again. I will however reserve the right to make that decision myself.

By the way, FBI statistics show that by far more deaths are caused by .22 than all other calibers combined.
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