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Originally Posted by candr44
The great ISC has spoken. In case you didn't know, the world revolves around ISC and he is---annoyed. That means anyone under 30 better suddenly get 20 more years of maturity and clean up your act. If you don't, you risk the wrath of the great ISC.
It's about damn time that someone showed me the respect I deserve.

I guess one of the problems with the net is that tongue in cheek comments don't always come across in the spirit in which they were intended. I should use more of these stupid smiley things

Most people recognize that everyone started as a newb at one point. It's only really annoying when someone who should know better continues to deliberatly use confusing terminiology to describe things. It makes the rest of what they say seem less accurate. If for instance I made 2 different posts saying:

"M16 magazines for sale $10 each"
"M16 clips for sale 10/$1"

they'd mean 2 entirely different things. I do have a bunch of mags and clips available for sale by the way. If you want to pay $10 for a clip I'd be happy to oblige you, but there's no way I'm selling a magazine for 10 cents.

If I was running a qualification range and was told that the ammo was in clips I'd know that I needed some speed loaders, the soldiers in my squad needed to be sure to bring their magazines, and I should plan on sending a detail on an advance party early enough to load magazines for at least the first firing order so that empty mags could be swapped out with loaded mags. If I was told that the ammo was in mags I could assume that someone else's squad or platoon was taking care of the advance party and we could shoot without a delay.

I made my rant for entertainment purposes , but there is a thread of truth to it; I hope that ya'll enjoyed it and got the point while still having fun...

BTW, I'm not a grumpy old man, I'm a grumpy young man

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