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I have them all. Glock 34, 35, XD, Para P1640, et.

My observations? The Glocks give me a great deal of trouble with the magazine release; the Para not so bad. I am wondering if the XD has an ambidextrous or switchable mag release? I gotta pull it out and take a closer look as I have not shot it much if at all.

My issue is that I have to change my grip when I go for the magazine release with my thumb. No problem with I go for it with my finger and that occupies my trigger finger as well so that I don't get nicked for trigger finger too close to the trigger guard. In production I believe that we can add anything we want to the gun as long as it is factory optional.... so an extended or ambi mag release is fine?

The Glocks shoot well. The Para shoots a lot better. No experience with the XD's yet. Just did our IPSC Black Badge course here in Ontario... started with a Glock 35 and switched to the Para on the way to the range TODAY. Real culture shock going from a gun with NO safety to a gun with a true thumb safety. Takes some getting used to especially when doing a magazine change hot. Forget that safety and you get nicked.

Glocks are good enough for close in work but for the longer stuff the Para beats the Glock hands down and I am sure it is because of the sights and the weight. I was all over the place with the Glocks. The Para's were mostly in the A's except for the odd 'flyer'. If I can get the mag release issue sorted out to my satisfaction I will go with the Para until ready to move up in a few months.

Now practicing the rack, tap and fire recovery as I have a habit of having the magazines only half lock into place, especially with the Glocks. I have taken to loading only 9 rounds as the tenth round in a ten round mag seems to keep the magazine from locking right.

Regards to all.
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