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What we do know is Labrozzi is dead, and thus his training may well have not been enough (or he would not have died, right?) Training includes much more than just shooting, like awareness of the situation so you can see it coming, situational positioning, minimizing exposure, etc...)

I have a few friends in Lufkin and I'll see what I can find out about how much, if any, training he had.

BTW, spare air is the way to go as far as I'm conserned. I never liked the octopus all that much. And spare air can be used for other things (like getting out of a smoke filled room.)

Every time before I go diving I throw the rig, BC Vest and all, in a pool and check everything out. I hate renting equipment at unknown shops.

Did you know fire fighters tanks are mostly fiberglass? At were I work I'm on the ERT team (it's hazmat.. I actually had one employee ask me if it was the bomb squad!) We have such tanks. Real light weight yet over 45 min of air. Catch is they have a very definate shelf life a steel or aluminum tank doesn't. But they are way much lighter than our tanks.
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