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It depends on what I have gone to the range to accomplish. Take last night for example. I had two tasks I wanted to finish. One was to sight in a new scope on my .22lr. When I had done that, I was finished. The total was just a few rounds to get the scope zeroed. My other task was to check out a new return spring on my pistol. When I make a change to my primary, I shoot at least 200 rounds through it. So last night I shot enough to satisfy myself that the spring will not fail on me.

My next tasks are to pattern my Mossberg and get a feel for where POI is in relation to POA. To do that should take no more than ten to fifteen shells at most.

Another purpose may be to test a new load. That would take anywhere from 30 to 100 rounds in a session, depending on the min-max spread of the load data.

So you see that each time I go I have a purpose in mind and will use whatever it takes to accomplish that purpose.
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