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lately i have been putting about 50 rounds through the para p 13,

thirty or so through the rugar mkII(what a sweet pistol),

about the same from the buckmark, which is just about heaven to shoot.

between i and the wife we put fifty through her little 5 shot taurus 38,

about two hundred through the new S&W mp15. it is the new gun so its gettin a workout and has had no problems by the way using everything from magpull mags to pawn shop cheapo mags.(ok, ok, i taught myself to bumpfire it. it was impressive but i got over that quickly)

ive been pulling out the steyr m95 stutzen and killing my shoulder with ten rounds(yes, it shoots way high and kicks like a mule, but i LOVE IT)

somewhere in there ill usually sit down and put two or three three round groups through the big springfield M1A. im gonna have to start shooting it farther than the fifty yards we have staked off.

its been some busy sunday afternoons around here, lol. the wife LOVES the ar. she pulls the stock in two notches and it fits her perfect.

now, i have to get the broomhandle mauser running(inherited and ive never shot it)

what ive noticed is that im getting on the target much quicker as time passes, both with pistols and the springfield. with the springfield im very much aware of breathing and sight picture, and im improving.

ive shot all my life but i have to admit i was pretty rusty till i bought the ar and i and my wife started going shooting together. i daresay there are many of you out there like this.
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