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Statistics say that the vast majority of DGU's are resolved without needing to fire the gun.

Doesn't this mean that little or no training is needed to survive all but the most rare events?

Vast majority of incidences don't have shootings. I've even held on guy at gunpoint for the cops, and I didn't shoot him. Just the sight of the gun was enough to make him freeze, no fancy tactics, speed loading, moving off the X, etc...

But, when such as the Miami shootout happens, yea training matters. You think uncle joe with his Taurus .38 is going to do fine against such as Matix and Platt?

You thing Cirillo, if he had not of had the training he had, he could have enguged three BGs at once and hit all three?

Just the last few days a good man in Lufkin Texas was killed defending his girlfriend who was the manager of Catfish King. BG shot the woman in the ankle and Labrozzi, the good guy, drew against a gun. He wounded the BG and the BG, Womack, who is now looking at capital murder.

Would more training have helped? Might, might not. But it takes a very well trained person to out draw a leveled gun. Fast and well trained.
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