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Springmom (rather nice, that!)

"...that, despite all the time we spend worrying about being armed 24/7/365, most of us live in what is the safest country in the world, with the lowest possibility of personal violence...."

Why does the USA have such a safe society? Why did South Africa used to have an even safer society?

Because of the love of guns, the general ownership, and the knowledge and skill of how to use them.

We are being disarmed at the moment with new and silly gun laws. Some of us still have our guns and go through the most unthinkable rigmarole to keep them licenced and in our posession. You live in a democratic country, we do not. Stick to your guns in every sense of the term.
"Do you not know that all human ills and mean-spiritedness and cowardice arise not from death but from fear of death? Against this therefor fortify yourself....then you shall find that by this alone are men made free."
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