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East Africa...

"We also try to take good care of our house staff (they have been with us for many years) and make sure we stay friendly and close with the neighbors".

Good, that; but in each instance where my friends were killed in what was Rhodesia, and here now in South Africa, it was the loyal house staff that either willingly or under threat of death supplied ALL the information. Who is the insider in any event?

That is the reason in SA households do not have house staff anymore.

I lived in Nairobi for a year and was robbed at gunpoint in my rented property. My "security guard" just happened to suddenly ask for leave for the weekend...
"Do you not know that all human ills and mean-spiritedness and cowardice arise not from death but from fear of death? Against this therefor fortify yourself....then you shall find that by this alone are men made free."
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