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But more to the point, would the attackers you mention be scared away
when you simply rack the pump on your shotgun?

This is Pretoria, South Africa. He is a trained terrorist, you are a law abiding citizen. They come into your home, having the initiative. The AK's or 9mm's are cocked and aimed at you or your kids or your wife. Merely racking your pump shall have no intimidating result. If you do not shoot as a first action, they shall.

No. there is no reason for dramatics. Only immediate and hard and violent action.

The perpetrators, being who they are and from which principle they operate expects immediate surrender or an equal play of showmanship. They do not expect a hard and immediate counter attack. That you can only do if you are armed and only need to pull the trigger. My Winchester Defender is loaded with slugs and I can shoot it off the hip where I want to at 6-10 m. My double action revolver is in the small of my back and I need to only pull the trigger, no cocking and saying "OK boy, put you AK down and let me straighten you out."

Then, on top of this, when the police come to investigate the crime after you have shot and killed the main threat, they charge you with murder and lock you up until your innocence is proved. No kidding.
"Do you not know that all human ills and mean-spiritedness and cowardice arise not from death but from fear of death? Against this therefor fortify yourself....then you shall find that by this alone are men made free."
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