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I know it's good marketing, but following the "logic" we've all been fed too many times to count, no one needs to buy any more shotguns. All
we need are recordings of the pump action shotguns being racked.
Bad logic. First, most BGs do not want to engage an armed opponent. Thus, racking the shotgun does serve notice that the person is armed, which does then lead to exit on the part of the BG in many cases. So let's not try to put the "racking shotgun" into a mythological category. Second, many people are mistaken in the effectiveness of the shotgun, and are under the impression that a single round will cover a whole room. So agaion, we get a certain percentage of those who migh tstay with a handgun on the scene who will flee from the shotgun. And finally, of course, there is that small number who will continue on. For them, the real shotgun (or some other weapon) is needed. So what is your goal? If it is to try to avoid a gunfight and convince the BG to go someplace else, racking is actually a rather good technique.
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