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I have the green sheet application, but have also gone on line and requested the forms. However, I have a friend that once had a C&R and he said that you need to be fingerprinted. I called the local BATFE office and asked if the fingerprints were part of the application. They said no. From your experience, what is the skinny?
I recently got a C&R and fingerprints were not required.

FWIW the only confusing and somewhat odd aspect of the C&R application IMHO is that you're required to send notice to your local chief of law enforcement that you're applying for a C&R. However, this is notification only- they aren't required to approve the application or even to respond in any way. It's only a potential issue if you live in a state with a bunch of wonky licensing requirements like CA or MA. Send it certified mail so you get a delivery receipt for CYA purposes, then forget about it.
But I would also be very interested in any additional benefits, such as if they make gun-show purchases any easier...
It really doesn't make any difference at gun shows. IMHO the other main benefit, besides mail ordering firearms, is that it makes you a "dealer" in the eyes of mail order supply houses like Midway USA and Brownells. You will get discounts on all sorts of stuff, including things that have nothing to do with collecting (range bags, bullets, tools, the whole 9 yards). Mine paid for itself in ~3 months just from this.
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