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I'm a PADI Divemaster.... the old Divemaster rateing where you had to take open water, advanced open water, rescue, deep diving, salvage diving, and assist at teaching for a 5 star instructor.

Actually I was not refering to your diving in your post, just that most training courses are not all that thorough. I did mean Drivers Ed!

I once parachuted with the 1st Abn. Brigade. We had a 1/2 day ground school where we were suspended under an A frame and did emergency exercises like what to do if things like a Mae West, Horseshoe, streemer, barberpole, etc... happened when we jumped, not to mention the proper way to open the reserve (a T-10 chute), check the canopy, etc... (funny how I remember all those things) plus jumping off the back of a moving truck to learn how to roll (I didn't even fall to the ground when I landed!)

And then we jumped the next day! Honesty if my chute had of failed I dunno if I would have remembered the right procedure for the right failure.

And that's the whole point. A little training isn't enough! Sure there will be people who get by with little or none, but the more training and higher quality training, all other factors the same, will be a big difference.
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