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Originally Posted by deaf Smith
Originally Posted by sesquipedalian101
Back When I Was diving regularly... <*snip*>
Now Consider This. Most Drivers Have What For 'training'? Drivers Ed? <*snip*>
Dear Deaf,

I am guessing, since you mention Driver's Ed, that you figured I accidently left an "r" out of my previous post. This is not an unreasonable assumption, given that I often get my tongue wrapped around my eye-teeth and I can't see what I am saying -- much less typing. This is further compounded by my wireless keyboard -- which often drops letters when the battery is low...

If it was truly your assumption that I meant "dRiving" in my previous post, then I want to publically thank you for resisting what must have been an overwhealming urge to put away the hog leg, dig out the flame thrower, and roast me. Your civility and willingness to answer in a reasonable manner, what must have seemed an asinine post comparing firearms training to Driver's Ed, does you credit...

With that in mind, let me assure you that I meant "diving" -- as in S.C.U.B.A. Diving -- as in Open Water I, Open Water II, Underwater Search (not S&R), and various other training opportunities. All told, I spent several hundred hours "blowing bubbles" and the training was, indeed, more intense than Driver's Ed -- especially since I absolutely hate/fear water...

Regardless, thanks (seriously) for the thoughtful and courteous reply.

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