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Just wanted to thank everyone again for the help.

I ordered the Hidden Ally for my 651 and received it about a week ago. For only $40 and no wait time, it has proven to be a great holster. It's very comfortable, and I easily forget that its there. Far nicer than the Uncle Mikes that the local shops carry, though more expensive. The holster easily accomodates tucking a shirt in over it, making it ideal for carrying while dressed for work or an evening out when I need to look a bit more than casual.
My only complaint is that the black clip stands out like a sore thumb on a lot of clothes. I have had to replace my favored brown belts with black ones to help disguise the clip, but it is still a bit noticible (atleast since i know to look for it). It does hide very well on darker pants, which I typically where when I would be worried about it standing out (work, etc). All in all, I am very happy with it.

I finally settled on the K&D Dakota, after much praise from Musketeer and my own like of it. I must say though, the new Thunderbird that has since been released has me thinking about ording one as well. A holster that doubles as IWB and OWB seems very handy. I spoke with the salesman though, and he says it doesn't tuck as easily as the Dakota, which is essential for most of my carrying attire. It may still find its way into my collection for another gun down the line though. I sure will be anxious for Thanksgiving this year, since that oughta be the time my new Dakota comes in. I'll have to post a review of it once I've had ample time to test it out. Its going to be a long 15 weeks!
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