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Double Naught Spy,

Thanks for fixing the link. Unfortunately, the x-ray photos shown are so unfamiliar to me that it is difficult to interpret what I am seeing. Rest assured though, your comments and the information you have provided has caused me to start doing some research in an effort to broaden my knowledge. While reading your posts, I found myself looking at a diagram of the human skeleton, just to try to understand what you were saying. Big, fancy words tend to confuse us common folks.LOL

While I am unlikely to change my opinion that the pelvic area is a viable target in some situations, a greater depth of knowledge is always an advantage. Sometimes things work and we are not sure why they work. This can easily be the case with regards to a situation as dynamic as a gun fight. There are a lot of factors that come into play when we are talking about bullet performance in a defensive scenario.

You were correct that the information presented was in reference to handgun use, although I have seen this target point used with rifles as well, and just as you indicated, the damage done is often worse as a result of the power of a rifle as compared to a handgun. Regardless of the instrument used, shot placement is just as key as it is with any other target area. Once again, I am not implying that the hip shot is superior to other common target areas, only that from personal experience, it has shown itself to be effective. Even if I lack the vocabulary to define why.

As I stated in an earlier post, anyone who has a greater technical knowledge that is willing to share it in a civil manner will always be welcome in my camp.

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