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Depends one what I'm shooting.

Bullseye Pistol: 45 is the hardest, and the SF portion is the most difficult, therefore I stay away from the CF and 22, fire at least 30 rounds of Slow Fire. Then fire the full NMC. Depending on how I do on TF and RF, I may or may not work on that.

High Power Rifle: Offhand mostly, then a few strings of prone and sitting rapid fire. Depends on how things go. I dont normal fool with the prone slow fire as I dont have access to a 600 yard line. This is mostly on 100 yards Reduced targets.

CCW: I carry a 642, I go through a min of 200 rounds a week. Rapid fire at sil target, frome 7-25 yards, and at 8 in plate at 25 yards. I also fire at my bullseye pistol targets to work on my sight picture.

Then depending on what I have loaded up I play with my other pistols.

You have to take into account. I'm retired, I have a 300 yd range in my back yard, a Dillon RL 1000 to spit out bullets, and lots of time.

I beleive if fatigue sets in, you need to build up your endurane by shooting more.

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