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The claim of breaking the pelvis and causing collapse was based on observations at the scene, not on x-rays or exams made after the fact, so I may have been out of line.
Thank you. This is a critical point. I have heard this myth several times at gun schools and repeated online several time and it is usually based on a lack of knowledge. People assume that a lower abdomen hit where the person falls has somehow broken and/or collapsed the pelvis, but make no such structural failure claims when folks hit in the gut, chest, or arms who go down. In other words, they assume a physiological/mechanical stop when that just may not be the case.

I may have may a bad assumption that the information you were trying to convey pertained to handguns over long guns since most self defense shootings are handgun-based. Sorry. With rifles, the notion of breaking or shattering the pelvis is a more realistic possibility, but still, you have to hit the right thing to get an actual locomotor stop. You can break a big piece of the ilium and still not collapse the girdle - the girdle being the structural ring formed by the innominates and the sacrum.

Similar lore from Wyatt Earp has it that a gut shot will put a "man on the ground" and take the fight out of him. It sounds good, but doesn't work as good as claimed.

Something else to consider is that most folks think of the "hips" as being the wide point down there about where your front pockets are where you feel bone right below the skin. Those "hips" are the top and side of the pelvic girdle. The vast majority of the "hips" are located from there and DOWN and to the bottom of the groin (pubis bones), but also down along the side to include the femoral head, neck and greater trochanter.

Anatomical understanding is a funny thing. Folks will tell you that your heart is on the left side of your chest (where you place your hand over your left breast during the Pledge,, but it is much more centrally located under the sternum. During the Pledge, many folks are just putting their hand over the top of their left lung, LOL. Folks think that a head shot is necessarily the same thing as a CNS shot when the CNS aspect only makes up about 50-60% of the head's volume. Many folks think that men have one less rib than women because God took a rib from Adam to make Eve.

The first link that you provided in your response did not work for me.
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