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Double Naught Spy,

First off, thanks for your input. As I stated in my previous post, others certainly have a better understanding of human physiology than i do. While it may appear that I have claimed a fact without proof, this was not intended. I was speaking from personal experience and probably should have stated it differently than what I did. The claim of breaking the pelvis and causing collapse was based on observations at the scene, not on x-rays or exams made after the fact, so I may have been out of line.

My original post was not intended, nor do I believe, worded, to imply that a hip shot is the ultimate solution to stopping an aggressor. It was simply presented as a tool that is available and should be considered based on the circumstances of the event.

The first link that you provided in your response did not work for me. Would you check the link and correct it if there is a problem? Otherwise, can you provide another way to find the website? I am always interested in data or information that may bear on a subject. Particularly when I may have put my foot in my mouth.

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