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just a toy... a serious toy ???

I've been looking at a custom Remington Rolling Block rifle ( currently in 225 Winchester )... you may have seem my other threads

if I buy the rifle I doubt I'll keep it in 225 Winchester, & have been looking at rechambering it in one of these cartridges...

32 Winchester Special

my goal here is as flat a shooting cartridge for targets shot at 100, 200, & 300 yards, with maybe the potential to shoot deer sized game someday ???

I already have a couple Martinis chambered in 45-70, & 50-70, so the 3 smaller cartridges interest me the most, as I'd expect them to be flatter shooting... I'd like the ability to buy factory ammo if needed, yet be a reletively easy cartridge to reload... & will be shooting off the bench most ( since the rifle currently has a big fat burl wood beaver tail forearm, that I'd like to retain with the gun )

your suggestions or any cartridges I've overlooked that fit my criteria ???
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