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Originally Posted by fjk1911
...a BG is not going to wait until you get into your preferred stance until he tries to cap you or your partner - and God forbid if there is more than one BG. When split seconds count you do what you can....
Trigger control is the first principle of good shooting -- a smooth, press straight back on the trigger with only the trigger finger moving to a surprise break.

If you can develop good trigger control, you can hit your target on your knees, on your belly, squatting, leaning, with your body twisted to face the target, while moving, or while standing on one leg. In IPSC and IDPA one shoots from unconventional postures all the time. If you are training in the defensive use of a handgun, you will also be shooting from unconventional postures, especially while moving or leaning around obstacles (cover). And the secret of getting hits under those circumstances is trigger control.
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