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Note that all mainstream firearms with slide safeties (Berettas, S&Ws, Walthers, etc) are not actually intended to be carried with the safety on - they meant to be carried decocked/safety off. The manual safety is just an extra on the decocking mechanism that can offer safer storage and loading/unloading if you so choose to employ it.

So why does it matter?
it does on a carry gun imo...

because its far too easy to inadvertently activate the safety and/or be mistaken about its status.

im not talking about an AD/ND because you thought the saftey was on.

i dont have a problem with a decocker on the slide so much,but a safety is something i can definately do without(especially in that position).

its part of the reason why my 92 is a range gun(size and weight are major players as well though).

the fewer variables the better on a SD pistol.

i also prefer not having a hammer and two different trigger pulls on a carry gun...but i digress,thats for another thread.
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