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I bought a brand new Remington Model 7 rifle, stainless synthetic, in .308. It shot 5" plus at 100 yards with Fed 180 Nosler Partitions and other Premium ammo (3 shots). Called and wrote to Remington. I was completely diplomatic (easy) on my side.

Sent it back several times. They totally lost it once and I found it myself, at a remote service center. People there agreed the gun was screwed up and couldn't fix it. They had sent it back to the factory, where it was again lost.

Remingtion "reamed the muzzle" several times, saying each time that the customer had damaged the crown. Customer Service was surley and smart-ass. They finally got it down to 2 shots, 2" (3 shots 3"). (Thanks - I know all about heat and the lightweight barrel.)

No more Remington for me. Too many other excellent choices available now. I won't buy their ammo either, as I have read about problems (that Federal and Winchester don't have). My GUESS is that Remington has QC problems that current management thinks they can't afford to solve.

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