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Good grief, this thread has turned into a mish-mash.

Should I send it over to L&P, so everyone can argue the Legal & Political question about whether training should be required by law? I could ... but rereading the initial post, that's not what the thread topic was supposed to be here.

Should I keep it in T&T, so everyone can discuss the Tactics and Training a prudent concealed carry permit holder will get for himself or herself? Love to do that, but an awful lot of people have gotten wildly away from that topic.

Should I try to split the two threads, tossing L&P posts to L&P, while retaining the T&T posts for right here? Ugh! Too darn much work, too hard to follow, too rude for the conversation.

Guess I'll just close it.

Anyone want to reopen the topic you're discussing, please do so in the appropriate forum and with a clear statement of which topic it is.

Kathy Jackson
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