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Your level of training should be such that you can draw, fire and hit your target reactively without thinking about the steps needed. This frees your mind to deal with the threat situation - evaluating the threat, evaluating retreat options and non-violent resolutions, etc.
Very good points indeed. Let me draw an analogy.

Every culture thinks tourists are clueless. The French think American
tourists are stupid. Americans think French tourists are stupid, etc etc

Well, when you're in a strange place you have to consciously process
unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar currency, strange language, etc. But in
your native surroundings, you don't have to think about speaking, using
money, driving, or any other routine task. That frees up your brain to think
about other things. But a tourist you run into in your own native
environment is processing a lot of extra information consciously. So, tourists
appear dumb because they only have half a brain to work with. The rest of
their brain is being used to make sense of unfamiliar data.

You cannot be a tourist to gunfight land. You have to be a native. You
need all of your brain available to you for "Do I run away. Do I pepper
spray this bastard. Where is the nearest cover. If not cover, where is
the nearest concealment. Is the perp armed. If so, with what? Does his
weapon have greater range than mine? I should back away from this
perp so that the increased distance gives me a little more time. The perp
is still coming. I need to tell him that I'm armed and if he comes any closer,
I'll bust a cap in his buttocks. O.K. I yelled, but he's still coming. I'm now
behind cover. I should kneel so that I have a more stable platform. The
perp is danger close. BANG BANG"
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