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Because nobody ever sacrificed anything to earn and preserve the freedoms you enjoy or the services that you take for granted, right?

We're not even a nation, are we? We're just a bunch of people who happen to live on the same continent, and everything we have we had coming from day one and no one ever had to do anything for us, so we shouldn't have to bother doing anything for our neighbors and the next generation, right?

Lucky for us all that our Founding Fathers and a lot of veterans over the past two centuries didn't share your point of view.
I'm getting a little weary of talking to you.

Let me just say that the most precious gifts in life are not bought but freely

I contribute to society. Over my working life, I've paid 1/2 million dollars
in taxes. And I willingly and freely volunteer my time to causes and
charities which I deem are worthy.

Being forced to volunteer is an oxymoron. Totalitarian governments thrive
on such self contradictions.

Yes, freedom was given to me freely. And if my country is invaded, I would
willingly give my life to protect it.

Freedom freely given. Life freely sacrificed. Nothing coerced. That's the
essence of liberty, which you don't seem to grasp.

I think I'm done talking to you.


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