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OK, fine.

In order to be allowed to carry a gun around me, my family and other citizens, I think that you should:

a. Have no criminal record, to include DUI and any violent misdemeanor
b. Have served in the Armed Forces or other held another public service job for at least a year.
c. Pass a comprehensive training course such as Ayoob's 40-hour class
d. be required to become a member of the National Rifle Association and remain a member in good standing.
e. show proof that you've voted in a recent election
f. demonstrate proficiency with a simple pass/fail range test before being re-licensed when your permit expires.
Some of your points are laughable.

Bad DUI convictions occur every day. Like a conviction for being drunk and sleeping inside the car parked on private property.

Misdemeanor violence? C'mon... lots of small guys have such records because someone picked a fight with them and cops charged everyone just to let the court settle it.

Public service should be a voluntary choice, not a mandate. I prefer volunteer military service over conscription too.

Become an NRA member? A government requirement to join a private organization? Should the gov't require doctors to join the AMA? Or madate which union everyone should belong to?

All of your rules, while I'm sure they're well intended, are far overboard. One can be taught the basic principles in two days (16 hours). It is then up to the "student" to practice to become proficient. Failing that, they should be seeking remedial help on their own.

It is not up to the government to hold someone's hand and make them proficient or skilled. If the student takes the course, never practices, fails to heed the instruction and gets himself killed then he's the one to blame. Likewise if he can't keep all six on his target at 7 yards, he faces the burden of legal and civil liabilities.
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